Life Photos Schedule Webcam — 09 August 2011
hehe oops! + schedule info

wow guys, how many times can i fail as a camgirl? hehe i’m sorry i haven’t posted on the blog that much! but i’m back on it as of right now. i hope you’ve all been doing great! i moved into the suburbs and it’s pretty grand. my new apartment is super beautiful but i’m still not completely settled as some of you may have noticed in my chat. my office has no furniture in it right now! haha. i’m glad my other rooms are full but i can’t wait to get some pieces for this room. i’ve never had my own office so i was not prepared! haha. i’m living with two roommates and so far the only problem is the fact that my roommate’s friend has been crashing on our couch for about a month! other than that they are clean and chill which i like.

summer is the best because i can really focus on work and camming. i’m camming every day except mondays. it’s been fun being able to be online almost every day. i am working during different times than before so if you wanna catch me there are a few times you can.

  • every day: i am online every day, 4:30pm-8:00pm pacific time
  • weekdays: sometimes during the week i hop on from 11:30am-1:30pm pacific time and then i take a break and get online during my normal hours listed above.

today is my day off so i went tanning and bought some groceries. SO exciting, haha. i made some “special” cookies last night so i’m probably gonna have some of those and watch some shows tonight. i’ve been watching mad men and i love it. i love how everyone looks in it. and christina hendricks — helllooooo nurse. what a babe!

anyway, i hope you’ve all been well. now please, look at my butt! and don’t forget to catch me online over at onhercam!

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  1. Hooray! love those pics…keep up the great work luxxxie poo

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